Business courses


We have the best know how in economics, entrepreneurial education and working life skills for youth. 



Business courses is a digital course entity of economic education and working life skills intended for upper secondary schools and vocational colleges. The entity offers three comprehensive business courses that support students in economic competencies, the understanding of the global economy and in finding their own business skills. The students practice key competences needed in the future with the help of activating course exercises and applied assignments. The courses have also been designed to support other upper secondary school and vocational studies.


Efficiency to Entrepreneurial Education with Business Skills


Already 100 Finnish high schools and vocational schools are using the courses. The courses can be carried out either as classroom learning or as partly distance-learning courses.

1. Sales, marketing and commercialisation 

  • Sales, marketing & customer perspectives
  • Global commercialization through branding

2. Communication and negotiation skills 

  • Communication in business
  • Negotiation skills

3. Global market economy 

  • Identifying global markets
  • Responsible business and global business trends


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Business courses for students outside of Finland?


Business courses is part of Economy and youth TAT. If you come from a country outside of Finland and are interested in the courses, please contact Economy and youth TAT’s education export company, EduTAT. Outside of Finland Business courses is known as Me & MyBusiness.

EduTAT brings success for youth and innovation societies through top-class educational services. EduTAT enhances youth’s understanding about economy, working-life, society and entrepreneurship. EduTAT has three unique and award-winning learning solutions (Me & MyCity, Me & MyGlobe and Me & MyBusiness) that are based on the Finnish curriculum. EduTAT provides competences for youth to have better preparedness for the future, especially for working-life and further studies. EduTAT combines learning environments and digitality together to get the best learning results. EduTAT offers Finnish pedagogical expertise and the proven learning modules available worldwide.