Business courses

We have the best know-how in economics, entrepreneurial education and future working life skills for youth.


We offer four study packages for studying economics and working life skills in upper secondary schools and vocational institutes:

  1. Business courses
  2. Circular economy materials
  3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) learning material
  4. The Takeoff event

Our study materials are digital and free of charge for both educational institutions and students in Finland. Read more about our study materials below!

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1. Business courses


We offer four comprehensive business courses that support students in economic competencies, understanding the global economy and finding their own business skills. The students practice key competences related to economics and working life with the help of activating course exercises and applied assignments. The business courses are freely available to all secondary educational institutions, and they are digital and free of charge for both educational institutions and students.

The courses can be accessed through the digital Claned learning platform, so they can be carried out either as classroom learning or partly as distance-learning courses. You can also use smaller components from the courses to support your teaching.

Course syllabuses

  • Sales, marketing and commercialisation
    The course covers the process of commercialisation, marketing, customer perspectives and the prerequisites of successful sales. These are some of the elements of running a successful business.
  • Communications and negotiation skills
    The course covers the prerequisites of functional communication and its significance in working life. The course offers an overview of different ways to communicate and the different stages of the negotiation process, as well as negotiation techniques.
  • The global market
    This course discusses international trade from different perspectives. The focus is on the opportunities and challenges of globalisation in addition to the megatrends of the economy. During the course, you will get to know the circular economy and business cultures.

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2. Circular economy materials

Our circular economy materials discuss the circular economy in depth through theory and tasks. The aim is to help the students to understand the circular economy in practice by getting to know some circular economy business models and companies that have already moved to the circular economy. The matter is discussed both from the perspective of individuals and profitable business. After reading the materials and completing the tasks, the student will have knowledge of the learning targets that have been established based on, for example, the upper secondary school curriculum. The materials can be used as a part of, for instance, social studies, geography or business courses.

The PDF file containing the materials (approx. 20 hours of learning) can be freely downloaded by teachers here. Note that the page is in Finnish – scroll down, fill in the form and select the material in English.

Check out also our circular economy animations that give a short introduction to the topic!


3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) learning material

Intellectual property rights are increasingly important in business
operations and they are present in our everyday lives in one way or another, although we do not necessarily always notice it. With intellectual property rights, a company or an individual can protect their intellectual property by legally securing their exclusive right to use their property. Innovations and the development of intangible assets would be unprofitable if they were freely available to competitors. Thus, intellectual property rights watch companies’ backs and encourage them to develop new innovations and seize the business opportunities they bring.

The learning material (approx. 10 hours of learning) gives a general introduction about Immaterial Property Rights and how they can be utilized in various business operations. The content is created in a joint project between Finnish national IP office PRH and Economy and Youth TAT (FIN) and the funding for the learning material was provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO.

The IPR learning material can be freely downloaded by teachers here.


4. Takeoff

Every year Business courses organizes Europe’s largest business event for youth, Takeoff. Takeoff is a side event of Slush, the world’s leading start-up event, and offers high schoolers the possibility to learn what start-up world and future working life are all about. At Takeoff the students get to network internationally, participate in workshops organized by companies, and even visit Slush.

In four years, over 1,000 high schoolers all over Nordics have participated in the event. Read more about Takeoff here.