About Takeoff 

Takeoff is a business event for young people organized by Economy and Youth TAT. The event inspires students and gives a glimpse into future working life and the start-up world. At Takeoff, high school and vocational school students get to hear speeches of interesting entrepreneur guests, solve problems in workshops run by partners, and network internationally. Yearly Takeoff is attended by a total of 300 young people from Finland, Sweden and Estonia and therefore the language of the event is English.

Earlier the event was known as Slush Youth. In five years over 1 300 students all over Nordics have participated in the event.

An amazing experience that has set the ground stones for an exciting entrepreneurial career. Coudn’t wish a better explanation and description for what an entrepreneur actually is and does. Big time thanks for Slush and the inspirational Takeoff event.

Gabriel Abrahamsson, Thoren Business School, Sweden
Participated Takeoff 2018 as a Team Leader