An amazing experience that has set the groundwork for an exiting entrepreneurial career. Couldn’t wish for a better explanation and description of what an entrepreneur actually is and does. Huge thanks to Slush and the inspirational Takeoff event.

– Gabriel Abrahamsson, Thoren Business School, Sweden
Participated Takeoff 2018 as a Team Leader


Teksti suomeksi alempana sivulla.


Takeoff – A Business Event for Young people

Takeoff is a side event of Slush, the world’s leading start-up event. Takeoff, organized by TAT Business Courses in co-operation with Slush, offers high school and vocational school students the possibility to learn what the start-up world and future working life are all about. At Takeoff the students get to network internationally, participate in workshops organized by companies, hear inspirational speeches from entrepreneurs, and even visit Slush.

Earlier the event was known as Slush Youth. In four years over 1 000 students all over Nordics have participated in the event. As there are participants from other Nordic countries as well, the language at Takeoff is English.

This year Takeoff takes place on Friday  the 22nd of November in Helsinki. 


Apply for a team leader position   

This year Finnish students have the possibility to be Takeoff team leaders. Applying for the team leader position takes place while registering for the event, using the same form. As the registration is the teacher’s responsibility, so is applying for team leader positions. Therefore it is important to ask the students’ interest for being a team leader before registering for the event. We organize team leader training the day before Takeoff, Thursday the 21th of  November. The training is held in Helsinki in the middle of the day and takes around 3 hours.

The team leaders’ responsibility is to make sure their whole team is on time for each workshop etc. throughout the day. They also create positive team spirit and ensure everyone is comfortable with expressing their own ideas and thoughts to the team. Team leaders are able to gain valuable leadership experience and will be rewarded with a work certificate.


Registration for Takeoff 

The link for registration will be published on the 25th of September 2019 on this page. Please note that places are limited. In 2018 Takeoff sold out in just 4 days!

It is the teacher’s responsibility to select participants from their school. For schools located in Finland we accept 10 students and one teacher per school. ​The criteria are that the students take at least one Business course at their own school during the academic year. For schools located in other Nordic countries there will be a separate quota.

Registration takes place using an electronic registration form in which the teacher fills in the information of both themselves and the students. The registration form automatically has entry fields for 10 students but it is not necessary to fill in all 10 fields if fewer students are participating from the school. Please note that applying for team leader positions takes place using the same form. Therefore it is important to ask the students’ interest in being a team leader before registration for the event.

By attending the event the students and teachers agree to Slush’s Code of Conduct and give us permission to take photographs and videos that can later be used for marketing purposes. This means the students/staff can later be seen in our official visual materials for marketing and communication purposes, including website, Instagram, brochures etc. It is the teacher’s responsibility to inform the students about these requirements and upon registration fill in the agreement on behalf of the students as well.

Please note that the participation is not guaranteed until the teacher has received a confirmation email! In the case of a sold-out event we will maintain a waiting list. If places become available for the event due to cancellations, the school that holds first place on the waiting list will get notified.